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Packages and rates

Specialized « lifestyle or journalistic” photographer, Pascale Lévesque works almost essentially with natural light. She can adapt her photographic style to your needs and requirements to create images that will reflect who you really are and that will make you revive your most precious moments.

Starting at $1,300


YES I do….

Since each wedding is unique, give Pascale Lévesque, photographer, the privilege of taking care of your love story.

She will gladly accompany you throughout this great adventure, staring on your first meeting.

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Starting at $1,300


You have chosen the warmth and the magnificent landscapes of the South for your wedding? Pascale Lévesque, photographer, will be pleased to accompany you in this great adventure. A lifetime incredible experience for you and your guests

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Starting at $175


Being an expectant mother is a unique step in your life. Immortalize it!

This special moment for you and your future child will be preserved forever.

*It is recommended to plan the photo session between the 32nd and 36th week of pregnancy.


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Starting at $100


Show yourself off to advantage with a professional photographer! Pascale Lévesque will capture that little something so special in you. Business, family or children’s portraits: she will get your most beautiful smiles.

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Starting at $175


Pascale Lévesque is specialized in special events, thanks to her experience of journalistic work for over 15 years. Don’t wait to ask her for a quote by giving her all the required information concerning the event.

Why hire a professional photographer for our wedding?

Your wedding is a unique event that takes place only once in a life time, for the most of us. Reducing the cost for this service is a very bad idea. Sadly, these days, there are a lot of individuals that will pretend to be professionals, you must always be on your guard.

When looking for a photographer, don’t shop for a price. Instead, look for a human connection, and talent… this way you won’t be disappointed.

Regrets can be numerous when the chosen person doesn’t have the right experience to document this beautiful day. Unfortunately, it happens that a new photoshoot is needed after the event to correct the work of others. Follow this advice, pick a professional. You will have one less thing to think of!

What to look for when looking for a wedding photographer?

Look at his entire work. Not only just a few key pictures from different weddings, but a whole session including the preparation, wedding and evening.

Why? Because it’s easy for an amateur to capture a few great pictures here and there. The hardest is to stay constant all day long. Many of them are not experienced to work in low light environments and are not equipped for all circumstances.

What should we do for if it rains on the wedding day?

Haaaaa… These beautiful rain drops.
You should know that every good photographer likes little challenges. In fact, a covered sky, is the best lighting you can get. Taking pictures in the rain is always magical and different. Number of professional photographers are far-sighted and will bring with them enough umbrellas for you and your family.

As for me, I own many colors to satisfy all tastes. This way, I can match them with your wedding colors and bridesmaids dresses. If the rainfall is too intense and doesn’t allow us to take pictures outside, don’t worry, I always have a plan B.

Do you make touch ups?

I always edit my pictures. I like to adjust the contrast, the luminosity and even crop photos. It even happens that I have to change someone’s eyes in a group photo since they were closed. Generally, I remove everything that could ruin a picture such as a chewing gum on the floor, a misplaced lock of hair or an electric wire hanging in the way.

Which moment is it best to book your services?

Whether you are looking for a wedding or a maternity session, it’s preferable to contact me as soon as you can. It’s not rare for the bride and groom to book more than a year in advance. I suggest you find your photographer as soon as your date is fixed. This way, you will have the professional you want. That being said, our agenda is never always fully booked, so don’t hesitate to try your luck even if your date is coming up! (I already received a call two days before the D-day! Fortunately, I was available.) If I am not available, I will gladly refer you to a colleague who will know how to satisfy you as well.

What happens if your photographer is sick on the day of the wedding?

If you hire a professional, he will never let you down. Yes, he can fall ill, but he will find somebody of his calibre to take his place and capture the pictures on his behalf. I work in close collaboration with dozens of photographers who can replace me at a moment’s notice and whom I fully trust.