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It’s a beautiful summer morning. Pascale joins me at my home, all smiles and armed with her Kodak. Three minutes later, I knew we would be creative, happy, true, effective… But I had no clue she would bring me to this unique place of comfort, one that I never experienced before during a photo shoot. Suddenly, she has an idea! A minute later, she is bringing an armchair outside, I’m sliding into a long dress that she likes and whoop! We are now in the grass and under trees on my favorite red velvet armchair. I am now surrendering to the sound of her cameras. Relaxation and simplicity.

To this day, these pictures are the ones I love the most. I feel so present. Complete. Exactly like Pascale when she came in. It was an incredible session that I will never forget.

Thanks to you, artist of wellness… Can’t wait for our next one!